Nothing In Pro Sports Is Like The NFL Playoffs!


With the NFL losing fans and in a popularity funk, it’s comforting to see that the competition level hasn’t dropped off.

The NFL playoffs, a high-stakes affair, is played in “one and done” style. There aren’t any Game 7’s. There’s no home-and-away. There’s nothing but one game at a time with everything on the line. Win and move on — to face the same fate — lose and go home.

Mistakes of any form are deadly. The momentum shifts constantly. Every player exerts maximum effort–fighting hard for every bit of leverage.

The physical battle is only part of what makes this so exciting.

Cerebral duels are incredibly fascinating to watch. The formations, decisions, and audibles are just a few of the things that detail a constant battle of wits. Both sides go deep into their playbooks, playing mind games in an effort to force mistakes. The outcome? Teams will either play better than they are or end up doing just the opposite.

I thought the Chiefs would run over the Titans. They didn’t. I thought the Rams would beat the Falcons. I was wrong. Instead, Kansas City hit a wall and the Falcons turned back the clock to 2016.

So what about this weekend?

I think the Falcons-Eagles should offer excellent entertainment with two high-octane offenses battling it out. I’ll take the Falcons. And then there’s the Titans traveling to New England. The Titans’ season will end there.

With the NFL losing fans and in a popularity funk, it’s comforting to see that the competition level hasn’t dropped off.

Don’t miss any of this weekend’s action!


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