Five Reasons To Play Fantasy Cricket


Fantasy Cricket: You’ll have fun, apply your knowledge of the game, and reap rewards for playing.

Cricket is a beloved game across the Indian subcontinent. While fans know the game well, relatively few of them play Fantasy Cricket. Here are five reasons why they should.


You Like Cricket: One reason why people start playing fantasy cricket is they like the game.

You Get To Make a Team of Your Own: You build your own fantasy team with your favorite players.

Real Matches Are More Exciting: When you watch a cricket match, you root for one side or the other. Not in Fantasy Cricket. You root for your players, no matter for whom they play. That makes watching games more exciting, including paying attention to matches you’d otherwise ignore.

The Chance To Win Money: In Fantasy Cricket you bet on the team you create. If the players in live matches perform well, your team earns points. The Fantasy team with the highest points wins. Your knowledge of the game enables you to earn money.

Other Rewards For Playing: Winning in Fantasy Cricket gives you a chance to win signed souvenirs, like match balls, autographed t-shirts, gloves, bats, hats, etc.

So there you have it, five compelling reasons to play Fantasy Cricket. Want to learn more? Go to Golden and get started!


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