Looking Back And Ahead — The 2017-18 Brewers

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At season’s start, few gave the Brewers much of a chance. Now they’re a legitimate playoff contender.

When a team finishes a season, the routine includes reflecting on what was accomplished and what needs to be improved. The Milwaukee Brewers missed the playoffs this season, but not without one heck of a fight. The Brewers were in it until the last two games of the season due, in large part, to the successes of three players–Eric Thames, Travis Shaw, and Domingo Santana.

Eric Thames goes BOOM! (photo, Vice Sports)

Few gave Milwaukee much of a chance when the season began. But those close to the organization had other thoughts. Anything less than a postseason berth would be disappointing.

David Stearns, in his first year as Brewers GM, made intriguing moves by bringing in key players. Some questioned his moves, but others believed that Stearns was fitting together pieces of a puzzle. It wasn’t about signing high-profile players; it was about getting players who fit the overall scheme of an emerging team.

And Craig Counsel did a great job with what he was given. He recognized talent and helped players to be great.

While the Brewers fell short of their 2017 goal, 2018 looks to be full of promise. If Stearns can add a few more pieces to the pitching staff — bullpen and starting rotation, alike — then the Brewers won’t just be a playoff contender. Milwaukee will be a favorite to win the World Series.


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