Jets Had A Solid 2017 Draft

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Drew Antin, New York, writes: The Jets picked promising d-backs and receivers.   

Hello. Jets fans! I’d like to file a report on our 2017 draft class.

Courtesy: Newsday

Round 1 pick, Jamal Adams is safety out of LSU. He’s 6′ 1,” 214 lbs, an explosive player and leader on the field. He’s projected to be a Rookie of The Year candidate.

A Round 2 surprise was Marcus Maye. Maye, another safety, comes in at 6′ and 207 lbs. He wasn’t projected to fall this far in the draft, but I’m pleased that the Jets picked him. Maye is coming off a broken arm and had first round potential.

The Round 3 pick, Ardarius Stewart, is a 6′ 205 WR out of ‘Bama. Stewart was Bama’s #1 receiver and will fill a big hole for he Jets following the loss of Brandon Marshall.

Another draft surprise was receiver Chad Hansen out of Berkeley. He’s a big-play receiver who will burn defensive backs with his speed and hands.

J!-E!-T!-S! Jets!, Jets!, Jets!


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