Warning To NFL Teams: Stay Away From Chad Kelly!

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Storyline: Don’t buy into Chad Kelly. Any player who says “Draft me for my Swag” is never going to change a franchise for the better. Written by Luke Stapleton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Chad Kelly, the star QB at Ole’ Miss, is going to be part of a hugely talented and interesting 2016 NFL draft class. But I believe Kelly is walking a familiar path, a path walked previously by Johnny Manziel.

Kelly has talent. That thing between the ears is his flaw.

Chad Kelly’s troubles are well known. He began his collegiate career at Clemson where, after a 1-year stint (2012-2013), he was kicked off the team for what HC Dabo Swinney described as “conduct detrimental to the team.”

Kelly then took his talents to East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), the location of Netflix’s documentary series, Last Chance U, where he was a star (47 TDs).

Courtesy: Black Sheep

Chad Kelly celebrates at the 2016 Sugar Bowl after an Ole’ Miss blowout win against Okla St. (photo, Black Sheep)

In December ’14 Kelly committed to Ole’ Miss. In Oxford he turned heads. Kelly led his team to a 10-3 finish, a season that included a signature win over Saban’s Crimson Tide and a season-ending victory in The Sugar Bowl.

Does that body of work speak for his talent and pro potential? That’s the question. Some will say, yes, but I disagree.

A lot goes into being a quality pro prospect. And character counts.

Consider Manziel’s story, which is now a cautionary tale for pro scouts, GMs, and owners. Manziel came from an affluent family. Oil money made his every wish come true. The word, “No!” wasn’t a part of his vocabulary.

Jut like Kelly, “Johnny Football” had a signature win over Alabama. He picked apart Nick Saban’s defense in the ’12 game in Tuscaloosa.

Johnny’s unique style of ‘whatever goes’ was captivating. Was he a transcendent QB who would reset the manual of QB play, just like ‘Broadway Joe’ Namath did in the ’70s?

Johnny's idea of Bye Week fun (photo, Betches)

Johnny’s idea of Bye Week fun (photo, Betches)

That wasn’t to be. Manziel crumbled. The light was too bright. Alcohol and other drugs got him.

He missed meetings, turned up incapacitated at practice, and manifested a self-centred attitude that contributed to poor performance and, eventually, a path out of the game.

But just because Johnny did what he did doesn’t mean Chad will follow suit. Or will he?

Nobody knows for sure, but warning signs are there. It’s because of the way Kelly handles himself off the field.

He shouted at coaches for benching him at a Clemson Spring game. He was benched in favor of current Tiger star, Deshaun Watson.

There’s more. Kelly was in a nightclub with an automatic weapon. His Twitter conversation with adult film actress, Mia Khalifa, was leaked to the media, some says she is a fan of a famous porn site (visit website).

Former NFL scout Bucky Brooks wrote this about Kelly: “Evaluators will take issue with his spotty accuracy and questionable judgment in critical moments.”

I have no doubt that some desperate QB-hungry team will take him in the NFL Draft next spring. Teams like the Browns, Jets, and 49ers will take a long, hard look. I hope, as a Browns’ fan, that my team will make a smart decision.

Courtesy: Red Cup Rebellion

Courtesy: Red Cup Rebellion

This draft will be filled with other QB options, players that haven’t demonstrated “character issues.” Consider Deshaun Watson, who’s a front runner again for the Heisman Trophy. And there’s Deshone Kizer of Notre Dame, who has shown poise in difficult situations.

My advice: Don’t buy into Chad Kelly. Any player who says “Draft me for my Swag” is never going to change a franchise for the better.


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