Mapping NFL Touchdown Passes At

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Here’s a way for fans to improve their knowledge about player performance.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are reveling in the improbable 2017 season. But the question for next season is: What will they do with Foles when Wentz returns?

For deeper insights, my team at has created an interactive site that maps every regular season touchdown–where the QB was when he threw it, how far it traveled in real air yards, and where the receiver was when he caught it.

What did we find? Foles’ TD passes traveled an average of 32 air yards compared to 35 for Carson Wentz and 28 for Brady. Wentz was a big play machine–5 of his TD passes came with him standing at or behind his own 40-yard line.

Just type in a quarterback’s name or a receiver’s name and you’ll see all the data. You can also filter the data by team and week.

Go here to see what I mean. Enjoy!


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