Where Will Andrew Bogut Land?

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I hope it’s Milwaukee. They need him defensively and “going back home” would be the capstone to Bogut’s career.

After being waived by the Los Angeles Lakers, veteran Aussie center, Andrew Bogut, is searching for a new home. Andrew Bogut has lots of experience (he’s 33 years old), can boost a team’s bench, and can even fill in as a starter when needed.

So where might Bogut land? Here’s my take on five teams that could use him.

5. Boston Celtics: While the Celtics showed interest in Bogut in the off-season, they currently play small ball with Al Horford at center. Bogut could be a huge upgrade for the Celtics, especially in their defensive schemes. Boston could then play Horford at the 4, which is his natural position. Jayson Tatum would come off the bench to boost bench scoring.

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4. San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs have been great at acquiring veterans and, then, giving them roles that matter.  In this case, the Spurs wouldn’t need to adjust much and neither would Bogut, That’s because he’s a perfect fit for this team. Right now the Spurs don’t have a legitimate center coming off the bench. Bogut would be that guy.

3. Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizzlies started the season with promise, but now they’re in 15th place in the West,  losers of 7 out of their last 10 games. Memphis doesn’t know when Mike Conley will return (Achilles), so the Grizzlies needs help right now. That’s where Bogut comes in. He’d pair up well with Grizzlies’ guards on the pick-and-roll and he’d be a solid contributor on defense.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder: Coach Billy Donovan is emphasizing defense. OKC ranks 4th on opponent points allowed, 5th in defensive rating, and 2nd in forcing turnovers. Bogut would fit into that defensive gameplan, especially as OKC waits for Dakari Johnson to improve.

1. Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks are a solid offensive team–110.3 offensive rating, 6th in the league–but Milwaukee is 25th in defensive rating. Answer: Bogu could really help this team defensively. There’s sentimentality, too: Milwaukee was Bogut’s original team (drafted 1st overall in 2005). Returning to Milwaukee would be a perfect way for Bogut to end his career.


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