Hate Me If You Choose, But I Think Hue Jackson Is Browns’ Hope

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Long-suffering Browns’ fans need to remember the old adage: “The night is always darkest before the dawn.”

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Cleveland’s 2017 season is in the books and it hit an all-time low–a perfectly imperfect 0-16 season. And while Browns’ fans have a right to be outraged, I think calling for Hue Jackson’s head is a bit over the top. To think that another coach could have come in and had different results just doesn’t make sense to me.

EVERYONE was warned that the Browns’ growth process would be painful and rollercoaster-like. And that’s exactly what it has been.

But let me make this plea: when the Browns begin winning–and it will happen soon–I urge fans to remember that it was Sashi Brown who laid the foundation for success. Hiring Jackson was one of Brown’s biggest bricks.

I know, I know. The big question (still) is whether this rollercoaster ride will turn out to be exciting–like Superman at Six Flags–or more like the Kiddy Train at Tack-O-Fun Land. Either way, I believe Hue is the man with the fast pass in his hand. The big suspense now is whether GM John Dorsey will make the right off-season moves to get Cleveland into the right park.

Cleveland’s DeShone Kizer (photo, Baltimore Beatdown)

I think it will be Six Flags. I say that because this team was built for the long haul–with youth and a handful of grizzled NFL veterans. If you think of it that way–and apply it to the ’17 season–then the old adage makes sense: “The night is always darkest before the dawn.”

The Browns have a base of talent to build around. They can build on that base by luring big names to Cleveland.

And for those who think the Browns need to draft high for a quarterback, I say NO! DeShon Kizer showed that he wants to win and his 2017 performance showed (to me, at least) that he’s worth taking the time to groom. But I know ‘smart money’ says that the team will bring in a veteran QB.

No matter how that turns out, I still don’t think this team is broken. Why? Just look at the last game against the Steelers. The Browns played ’til the very last play. It wasn’t just during that game, either. In the midst of the second worst year in NFL history, this team showed heart and dedication.

The game plan now should be dropping players who haven’t lived up to their billing and bringing in new talent–especially along the line.

I think this team is closer than many fans think.

There’s only one way to go from the bottom. It’s up. And that’s where these Browns will be going.


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