LeBron, A+ Point Guard

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LeBron James just keeps shifting the angle of excellence.

LeBron James is taking his talents to a new level–beyond everyone’s expectation. In his 15th season, James just keeps improving. Now LeBron is the Cavs’ full-time point guard, covering for the absence of Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose.

It’s not the first position shift for what many consider to be the NBA’s G.O.A.T. LeBron started his career as a shooting guard. Then he shifted to small forward and also played as a situational power forward.

LeBron is doing more than “filling in.” He’s propelling the Cavs, a team that’s on a twelve game winning streak. 

Stats show just how well he’s playing. LeBron is 4th in the league in assists per game and +1.4 play-by-play per 100 possessions. He’s 3rd overall in player statistical ranking, too. As of December 4, LeBron’s number look like this:  28.3 PPG, 9.7 AST, 7.9 REB, 58.3% FG%, and 41.2 3-P%.


LeBron James just keeps shifting the angle of excellence. And he’ll need to shift again before this season is over. That’s because Isaiah Thomas, the Cavs primary PG, is expected to return in mid-December and Derrick Rose is working on his return to the team.

There were worries early in the season when Thomas went down and Rose left the team for personal reasons. The Cavs’ weren’t winning. But now they’ve got their groove back and LeBron is, once again, in the conversation for NBA MVP.

More importantly, the Cavs are looking good and hopes are high again in Cleveland. This team looks capable of making yet another title run.


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