A Flash (Gordon) of Hope For Browns

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With Josh Gordon, maybe, just maybe, this team has a few moments in it. Maybe, just maybe, the rebuild isn’t a year or two away.

Josh Gordon was everything we wanted to see and a little bit more. Yes, I was excited to see Gordon return. I thought of all the wonders that he could bring.

This was the first time Hue Jackson didn’t look like a man fighting back tears on the sideline.

Hue Jackson showed that he is going to take shots, lots of shots, lots and lots and lots of shots (you get the point). Having a legit deep threat down the field– someone with the size and strength to make plays–he probably got a little bit carried away. But can you blame him?

For all the trouble Josh Gordon has brought–and, let’s face it, the trouble he could still bring–the world is his. That is IF he can stay clean. Gordon will have a solid future on a team that looks poised to finally turn the corner and speed ahead with headlights gleaming.

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That’s right. Gordon gives the Cleveland Browns a sense of direction. He brings pure excitement, too–as he did last Sunday–stiff-arming a cornerback and driving him back for fifteen yards, NFL blitz style (I’m showing my age).

Gordon also showed he’s a good teammate. He never once got in Kizer’s face about overthrows or bad passes. Gordon kept a cool head, which is very good to see.

With four games left, Gordon may have a chance to tie for the lead in team receiving yards and receptions. If that happens, then that will tell you how impressive he his, how much the QB and coaches trust him, and what a true difference maker he can be.

Let’s face facts: the path to success is rarely a straight road. So here’s hoping that Josh “Flash” Gordon can save the universe (with Cleveland at the center) … one game at a time.

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