Developing Your Instincts Through Sports

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By teaching and fundamentals and instilling a winning attitude, coaches help players succeed in life.

In today’s world, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and have good instincts, too. Athletes know the importance of both.

But how might a coach help athletes transfer those traits to everyday life? One answer is learning the fundamentals of your sport. Learning fundamentals is a critical aspect of any task or job. Another answer is developing a winning mentality.

Tom Brady epitomizes the ability to connect an understanding of surroundings with making good decisions (photo, NBC Sports)

Good coaches teach both because success comes from knowing/applying the fundamentals and having a winning mentality. I think that gives athletes an edge in life. They can transfer what they’ve learned in sports to literally any aspect of any activity they take on.

If you’re a quarterback, you must be able to read the defense. Then you need to make timely and critical decisions. That’s the way things are in everyday life. It’s about reading a situation and, then, making timely and critical decisions.

Part of being observant is being able to figure out the other team’s system and use it to your advantage. What an advantage that is in any competitive situation!

It all boils down to being able to evaluate your surroundings effectively and, then, using your instincts (grounded in the fundamentals and stimulated by a winning mentality) to make good decisions.


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