Conor McGregor At The Center of Dublin Mayhem

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It’s possible that McGregor is arrogant enough to think he can do what he pleases in Ireland.

One of the biggest draws for the UFC, Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor, made headlines Friday night after making a big scene at Bellator MMA in Dublin. He was in attendance to support his SBG teammates fighting on the card.

The scene started when McGregor rushed the cage to congratulate his mate, Charlie Ward, after Ward’s KO victory. That’s when things started getting crazy. Security at the event and referee Marc Goddard quickly approached McGregor, who was there as a spectator in no official capacity.

A celebratory embrace quickly turned ugly after Goddard tried to separate the SGB teammates. McGregor was restrained yelling what could be assumed as profanities toward Goddard.

Before scaling the cage, an official tried to stop McGregor, who responded by pushing back in what appeared to be a swat.

The bottom line is clear. At no point should McGregor have entered that cage, especially when an opponent is being attended to by doctors.

I can understand that emotions are running high, especially when you see your teammate finish off an opponent in a big way. But if the roles had been reversed, McGregor would have lost his mind!

It’s possible that McGregor is arrogant enough to think he can do what he pleases in Ireland. Later in the evening, the rumor was that he had another altercation, this time at his hotel.

It’s a shame that McGregor took away the spotlight from his teammates. If he wants to fight, perhaps he should focus on getting back into the cage and defending the UFC Lightweight Title. But the payday from the Mayweather fight may have taken away the hunger from his belly. Does he feel he doesn’t need to do anything else in this sport?

My take is that McGregor is an overrated blowhard who cares more about running his mouth and overshadowing others.

I don’t think what happened Friday night will blow over. I expect to see an official statement from Dana White–and possibly other officials–in the next 24 hours. With the popularity of the sport on the rise–and only a few household names generating big money–the sport can’t afford this kind of nonsense.


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