Five Top Wrestling Moves To Hit In A Match

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My name is Kialan Henagan and I love wrestling–not the fake crap that’s on WWE–but real wrestling. In this article, you’ll find out how to hit key moves and how many points you’ll get for each move.

Single Leg: The Single Leg is a simple but effective move. You get your opponent to move one leg forward and you shoot onto that leg. Once you get there, you raise the leg to your chest and use your leg to trip the leg that’s still on the ground. The Single Leg is #1 because it’s probably the least risky and it’s also an easy move to get points. You’ll get 2 points when you take down your opponent with this move.

Double Leg: The double leg is my #2. It’s a fairly safe move, but it’s also quite challenging. If you take a bad shot, it’s very hard to correct. You hit a double leg by shooting your leg, making sure that your front shooting leg goes in between the opponent’s legs. You pop your hips and raise them into the air and set them over to the side of your body. This move will get 2 points for a takedown.

Slide By/Pass By: The Slide By is the 3rd best wrestling move. It’s a more difficult move to set up and it’s easy for your opponent to get out of if you’re not fast. The Slide By is hit by getting into a collar tie and slipping the non-collar tied arm over the other person’s arm. When the opponent pushes into you, you pull the arm across the body and kick out the leg. When hitting this movie you will get a 2-point takedown.

Head & Arm: The Head & Arm is the 4th best move to hit. It’s fairly difficult to execute and can be reversed easily. The Head & Arm is hit by wrapping the head with your right arm and grabbing the other arm with your left. Then you step over their right foot with yours and flip them over your hip. This move will get you 2 point for a takedown and 3 back points.

Over-Under: The Over-Under is #5. Whenever you set it up, you’re also setting up your opponent with the same thing. They can reverse it pretty easily. The Over-Under is when you hook your right arm over their left arm and your left arm under their right arm. Then you step over their right arm with your right arm and flip them over your hip. When you hit this movie you’ll get 2 points for a takedown and 3 for back points.


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