It’s Time To Migrate From Boston, NFL Fans, And Nashville’s Just The Place To Settle

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A blossoming core of players and coaches in Nashville keep trending in the right direction.

It’s pro football season and there’s more hope going around the NFL than one Super Bowl can fulfill. Each division has its favorites, of course, but most of the league sees the Patriots returning to the top spot in the AFC. But in Nashville, there’s a team worth a look.

The Tennessee Titans look to capitalize on the chaotic nature of the AFC South, where a top spot and playoff berth are by no means out of reach.

The Titans have a youthful core of key players.

The AFC South is a cacophony of would-be top teams–aside from Jacksonville where even those who still believe in Blake Bortles don’t see this team succeeding.

Yet, just last year, the AFC South was a division of dysfunction. The 9-6 Houston Texans lost in Week 17 to a Tennessee team without its star quarterback. But, then, those very same Texans gave the Pats arguably the best competition in the playoffs … well … other than what would become the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

All the Texans seemed to need was a quarterback and some sufficient O-line play to make their offense work better than a highly-regarded Steelers team that lost in the AFC championship–managing only one more point than the offenseless Texans.

Courtesy: The Ringer

The big question is whether Marcus Mariotta can come back from his terrible leg injury. But, for sure, Tennessee will be bolstered by a stalwart O-line headed by that versatile tackle, Taylor Lewan, and coached by Hall of Fame guard, Russ Grimm.

Behind that line stands possibly the best all-around RB the Titans have had since Eddie George. And there’s also a multi-functional TE in Delanie Walker, who’s coming off a career year in receiving touchdowns.

So what does it all mean for a Titans team that finished 9-7 last year? It means Tennessee can get to the top of the AFC South. They’ll be helped by a Houston team that needs to find an identity on offense, and a team in Indianapolis that needs Andrew Luck to throw effectively again.

This 2017-18 season will be a litmus test to see if another team can challenge those monsters from Massachusetts. There’s a blossoming core of players and coaches in Nashville who keep trending in the right direction.


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