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I’ve been writing regularly at The Sports Column and thought now might be a good time to say a bit more about myself. 

I’m an AFC-licensed football coach, football manager, certified scout, and sportswriter.

Coach Lerche (photo, LinkedIn)

I’m a BS Graduate in Computer Science from University of Calabar, Nigeria. I also studied Computer Networking and Information Technology at City College of San Francisco and the science associated with developing young athletes at the University of Florida.

But my studies didn’t end there. I studied football management and scouting at Sports Management Worldwide, Birmingham, UK; talent management at the University of Michigan; coaching management at the University of California, Davis; and journalism at Michigan State University.

I have a lot of experience in coaching and scouting from U12 to senior level in high-performance club environments located in Asia and Africa. I’ve also served as a head coach for various football clubs.

In Nigeria, I coached the Sunesther Sports Foundation and the L & M Football Academy. In the Philippines, I coached Ormoc Soccer Association teams and Metro Manila FC. I’m currently the head coach of Kaya FC U15.

I played with Thunderbolt FC (Nigeria), BWC FC (Israel), International FC (China), and San Francisco Seals (US).

Growing up, I was always passionate about football. But I had many questions about the game that my coaches didn’t explain. Had those questions been answered properly, then there’s no doubt I would have been a better player. I had the talent, a burning desire, and great family support.

I don’t want my young players to have that experience. That’s why I developed the D-QASM training program and show. My coaching philosophy centers on this belief: “Football is a game of decisions based on quick thinking in relation to surrounding, the area of the field, and moment of the game.”

That’s me!


About Lerche Njang

My name is Lerche Njang. I’m a coach and scout who specializes in soccer. I’m originally from Nigeria, but now live in the Philippines. I own L & M Football Academy in Nigeria and work as the U14 head coach with FC Metro Manila. I played with the San Francisco Seals, the Kunming International FC in China, and Thunderbolt FC in Nigeria. I have an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘C’ coaching license and hold a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calabar, Nigeria. I also earned a certificate in Soccer Operations and Management from Sports Management World Wide Birmingham, UK.

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