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We feel a sense of belonging that’s associated with a simple truth: Sports bring people together.

Why are there so many sports fans? Each sport, no matter whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, or soccer, brings people together. the public tends to be obsessed with their favorite teams. Each fan, while they may love many sports, usually has his or her favorite sport.

Each sport, no matter whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, or soccer, brings people together. The public tends to be obsessed with favorite teams.

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We turn on the TV and watch fans decked out in team colors. It’s glorious to see fans filling a stadium, coming together as one, chanting the team name. It’s being part of a community.

It’s being part of a community.

Sports are one of the first things we’re introduced to as kids. Kids see their parents cheer and hear them talk about favorite teams and players. Kids see their city get behind local teams.

I remember talking to friends during the ‘Clutch City’ era of the Houston Rockets. We were so excited to watch the games. Then we couldn’t wait to talk about what happened.

We retain that passion as adults. We look forward to each game with enthusiasm. No matter what the day brings–whether it’s a good or bad day–if our team wins we rejoice and it it loses we feel sorrow.

It all makes sense, too. There’s a sense of belonging. Sports bring people together.


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