The ‘M’ in MSG No Longer Stands For ‘Madison’–It Now Stands for ‘Mayhem’

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The New York Knicks have been the laughing stock of the NBA for the past couple seasons. However, where do they stand after quite an eventful offseason?

While I was away on vacation, I left to the rhythm of the New York Knicks doing their normal ‘Knick’ thing. However, as soon as I got back from Canada my direct messages on twitter and Facebook messenger were buzzing with the question: “Will you be writing anything on how the Knicks are messing up the Offseason?”

So, here we go.

The Knicks turned every General Manager’s head in the NBA when they decided to dive head first into free agency– especially when they chose to dive when the pool was half empty.

The Knicks have struggled to use any common sense for years now. However, they made a smart move getting rid of Phil Jackson and the triangle offense, and they even drafted three solid young players with high basketball I.Q’s and tons of upside.

Also, they quickly signed Luke Kornet (an undrafted rookie out of Vanderbilt) to a two-way deal. This will go down as one of Steve Mills’ better signings– even if it was Jackson’s first.

Next they came to terms with Ron Baker, who we all know and love as a Jeff Hornacek 2.0–a clone straight from a different era of basket (hair style included). This move alone shows a commitment towards the future with young players who can grow to become role players off of the bench, or in the best case, starters.

They did however over pay Mr.Baker by a sum of $2 million per year, but with his newly minted deal worth a grand total of $8.9 million he has a lot of expectations to live up to, since his contract will take the remainder of what the Knicks have in salary cap space.

Then there’s Damyean Dotson, the Knicks’ unsigned second round draft pick. This kid tore it up during the summer league, showing the sweet three point touch and athleticism a player needs to grow into a major contributor. Standing at 6’7 and weighing 215 pounds, he can easily slide into the three position– which may be open and available sooner rather than later.

Courtesy the ringer

Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for:  Tim Hardaway Jr, otherwise known as the $71 million dollar man. Before we get started, I just want to say– this move really isn’t that horrible. Let me explain why I don’t hate this signing.

The Knicks  gave $72 million to a broken down center coming off of an injury last year, and a few years prior they gave a “discounted” $124 million to a star that we all knew would soon be on the decline. Signing a young 25 year old two guard who’s shown improvement and growth, and can still have the potential to be a featured role on the team, is actually a very intelligent move. They did over pay, but when you’re known as one of the worst front offices in the NBA, you sort of have to overpay to bring in talent.

I’m sure the coverage on Tim Hardaway Jr. has already been well over played, so I’m going to jump into to why this move makes sense to me– even if it’s driving every other GM mad about how the Knicks struggle to operate with cohesion. The signing of Hardaway allows the team to have another solid scorer to replace a declining, and oft injured, Carmelo Anthony (whom seems to be on the fast track to Houston to play with his buddy Chris Paul).

If the Knicks can make this trade happen without taking in any long term bad contracts, they will be on to something. Clearing Anthony can possibly free up about $10 million, and if they can swing a trade that includes Eric Gordon’s contract and a few 1 year contract players it will give them a ton of space for next year’s free agency period.

With this trade of Carmelo almost a foregone conclusion, the possible trade that has not received much attention revolves around any rebuilding team, and Knicks shooting guard Courtney Lee. Instead of asking for a first round pick, the Knicks could possibly acquire a second round pick, and have their trade partner take Joakim Noah’s contract. This of course is all hypothetical, but it would show that the Knicks are all in with the future of the team.

Courtesy New York Post

The Yankees showed the city of New York what can happen when you give into a youth movement in order to rebuild–and while it may not always be that pretty, if the Knicks can experience half the amount of success that their baseball counterparts have, they may even become fun to watch.

All and All, I give them an offseason grade of “Incomplete”– they still have work to do, and they know it. Let’s all wait and see if they have a master plan before we all overreact.

Keep writing me with article ideas, and please comment with your thoughts, I love to hear from you guys.

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