TSC’s Matthew Paris Has Film Nominated For International Award

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Matthew Paris wrote and directed, The Last Catch, a film inspired by Field of Dreams.

Matthew Paris

A short film, The Last Catch, with screenplay by TSC’s Matthew Paris, has been nominated for a film award at the Madrid International Film Festival.

Produced by Looknow Productions, The Last Catch is a story of a young man seeking to make amends with his estranged and terminally-ill father. The quest is for the two to play one last game of catch.

Paris, who also directed the film, said the idea for the film was inspired by the 1989 film, Field of Dreams.

Filmed in San Marcos, Texas, The Last Catch stars Bradley Costas, Mitchell Rad, Joy Leigh, and Marielle Taimenglo.

Watch the film’s trailer (from Vimeo).


“We’re extremely pleased that Matthew’s work is being acknowledged by this nomination,” said Frank Fear, TSC’s Managing Editor. “He’s a talented writer, director, and producer.”

Paris contributes regularly to TSC and writes extensively about Houston-area sports. He focuses on teams, games, sports figures, and events with historic significance.

The Madrid award winner will be announced this July in Spain.


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