Red Sox Are Regaining Their Footing, But ….

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The Red Sox could make a run for the AL East title. For that to happen, though, a number of things have to fall into place, including getting healthy again. 

Behind the strong pitching of Chris Sale–especially important in the absence of David Price–this Sox team seems to be finding where they fit in. While they haven’t yet shown the constituency of the Baltimore Orioles or the game-changing power of the Yankees, Boston has a sense of pride they haven’t shown in a few years.

Courtesy: Boston Herald

The slow start of the Blue Jays (the team that was supposed to be the class of the division) gives the Sox a fighting chance to stay in the hunt. One key to a division title will be if NY and Baltimore cool off during what is sure to be a hot summer.

There is a fly in the ointment, though. The Red Sox have put themselves in a Mets-like bind. By trading for Chris Sale, Boston thinned its farm system to skin and bones. They’ve lost the ability to call up ML-ready utility players and fresh arms.

So, just like the Mets, Boston will be pressured to make a run this year. And that won’t be easy without David Price. He’s still on the DL, but will finally take some simulated throws this week. And with Steven Wright out for the rest of the year, the team will get a chance to test their (so far) stellar bullpen.

The Sox face major challenges. Can they pull through the injury bug? Will this young team grow around its veteran pitching staff?

I think the biggest challenge is how this team handles injuries. If it can, then the Box will be in the race. If it can’t, then “Sweet Caroline” won’t sound so sweet.


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Comments (Red Sox Are Regaining Their Footing, But ….)

    Courtney Davis wrote (05/15/17 - 8:41:47PM)

    As a die hard Red Sox this article is very factual and well written. I can’t wait to see if this prediction is accurate.