Misbah-Ul-Haq Leads Pakistan To Cricket Heights

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Aiyaan Shakoor, Pakistan, writes: “How many times have we seen Pakistan being 20 odd and 3 down with our skipper taking them to safety?”

August, 2010: Three Pakistani players, including captain Salman Butt, were banned from cricket for sport fixing. The team–and the whole nation–was demoralised.

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But exactly six years later the same team was ranked #1 in the world, eclipsing Australia, India, and England. And it wouldn’t have happened had it not been for Misbah-Ul-Haq.

March, 2011: Pakistan was all but comprehensively beaten by India in the World Cup semifinal. Without even considering that there were actually ten more players to be (possibly) blamed, Misbah faced criticism for playing ‘selfishly.’ His position as the test captain was also strongly opposed.

January, 2012: A talented Pakistani team whitewashed England (#1 at that time) with Misbah playing a massive role as both responsible captain and reliable batsman.

October, 2014: An inexperienced Pakistani team beat Australia in two test matches with Misbah, who was (and still is) criticised for being on the more defensive side, scoring the fastest test hundred.

August, 2016: Once again the underdogs prevailed. They drew the test series with England and scored victories at iconic Lord’s Stadium and The Oval. Misbah registered his name on the Lord’s honour board with a classy century followed by famous push-ups.

August 22, 2016: Pakistan ascended to the peak of the game for the first time in history with Misbah seated on the throne with the prestigious mace. It was a proud moment for Pakistanis!

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If someone ever asks me to define “dodgy road,’ I would proudly respond, ‘Misbah-Ul-Haq’s career.’

Legends are neither born nor do they die. They are made.

Misbah wasn’t the most talented batsmen, but he was a hard-working one. How many times have we seen our irresponsible team being 20 odd and 3 down with the skipper taking them to safety?

He’s like a ship captain calmly steering his ship to safety in a storm. Now that his overwhelming career is nearing its end, let us all be grateful for this one-of-a-kind player.

KING MISBAH, we salute you. 👏


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    Umer wrote (05/17/17 - 9:21:28AM)

    Very well written for a pakistani hero